Live your most authentic, aligned life –
and get paid well in the process. 

I’ll guide you there with personalized, 1:1 coaching. 



You’re in the right place. 

Leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, and anyone else wanting to uplevel their lives – I see you! 

Through grit, determination, and vast amounts of sacrifice, you’ve created a successful, looks-great-on-paper life that others envy. 

But inside, you feel stuck and unfulfilled. 

And the more honest you are with yourself, the more you crave a new level of:  

Passion & purpose

Growth & expansion

Time freedom & flexibility

Connection & wellbeing 


You want to unapologetically make more money.

You know that when you start operating from your highest, most authentic self, you’ll be a certified money magnet. 

You’ll attract better opportunities, stronger relationships, and more income – giving you the time freedom and flexibility for family, friends, and meaningful moments. 

So, what’s holding you back?  

Let me guess. You’re stuck in a debilitating (but totally normal) cycle of …


For too long, you’ve settled for less than what you’re capable of having, experiencing, doing, and living. Staying safe and comfortable is practically wired into your DNA! You feel too invested in your current story (career, marriage, lifestyle, etc.) to make a change. 


You feel like you need to have all your ducks in a row or for the stars to be perfectly aligned before you can make any kind of life change. The perfectionist in you worries you might fail – and that’s never been an option. 


You’re afraid you’re too old, it’s too late, or you don’t have what it takes to live your most extraordinary life. You also wonder, “Who am I to want more?” It’s Imposter Syndrome at its “finest” … and it’s gotta go! 


You’ve let distractions and your jam-packed Google calendar keep you from even thinking about your dream life – let alone striving for it. That stops now. Because unless you give yourself the space to clearly identify what you want, you’ll never achieve it. 

You’ve put everyone and everything above your own needs, and it’s taken a heavy toll on your health, well-being, relationships, and even earning potential. You think that prioritizing your happiness is selfish, when it’s the opposite. It’s necessary for your next-level growth.


Can we agree that THIS is the moment when your uplevelling begins?

Good. Now let’s fast-track your extraordinary life!


The 2% Shift Performance Coaching

One-on-one transformational coaching for high achievers.

Business leaders, executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs
– or anyone rising to these occasions – I’m talking to you!  

In this high-touch, personalized coaching experience, I'll help you discern, articulate, and achieve your vision for the life, business, or career you want to create. Together, we'll identify the limiting beliefs holding you back and work on creating the mindset shifts needed to support your goals. Ongoing coaching accountability will ensure your long-term success.

One-hour coaching sessions are held weekly and paired with transformative exercises and personal reflection to enable transformation in real time.

Spaces are limited and pricing is customized to your unique needs.


Get ready to:

Find greater clarity and focus.

Do you want to score that new executive role? Make the leap towards entrepreneurship? Revitalize your marriage or other relationships? Knowing your most heart-felt goal will serve as the GPS for our time together. 

Enhance your performance.

You’ve always been ambitious, but now you’re ready to up your game and excel in a whole new way. No holding back, no capping your success. You were made for more and it’s time to step into your power! 

Operate with more ease, flow, and joy.

The more you know yourself, the more effective you’ll be with less effort. In your new state of authenticity, you’ll realize you can do more with less time because you’re operating from a state of alignment and flow. 

Increase your revenue.

When you’re living your most extraordinary life, you can’t help but put better vibes out into the world. Your internal light will shine so brightly that you’ll be a magnet for new opportunities and more financial abundance. 


This is not about working harder.

It’s about becoming more self-aware, shifting your mindset, and having the courage to go after what you really want. 


While every client is unique and the coaching process tailored to meet individual needs

Typically it looks like this: 

Step 1: Define Your Best Life

First, we’ll define (and actively visualize) what you desire most on the business and/or personal front. No more tiredly telling yourself, “I’ve just gotta get through this week” or “I guess this is as good as it gets.” We’ll create the space needed for you to get clear on exactly what you want your most extraordinary life to look like. 

Step 2: Identify the Barriers 

Next, we’ll discover precisely what’s holding you back. We all have limiting beliefs – at every stage of growth – but they shouldn’t be the main characters in your story. We’ll devise a strategy for addressing and navigating these limiting beliefs head-on. You’ll feel the fear and do it anyway!

Step 3: Cultivate Your Intuition 

Overthink much? We all do! But at some point, you have to quiet your inner critic, stop the mental spiralling, and tap into your intuition. No need to crowd-source opinions on your next major or minor life decision. I’ll show you how to let your soul guide you into alignment, flow, and self-confidence.

Step 4: Take Messy Action

I know, I know. "Messy" is not how you're used to operating. But waiting for the “perfect” time to make a change won’t move you in the direction of your dream life. Don’t worry; I’ll guide and mentor you through a process of discernment, empowerment, and action.  You’ll never be alone.



Michelle, here. 

Coach and Host of the Live Your Extraordinary Life Podcast

Want a coach who’s walked in your shoes? Let’s just say I’ve got that covered!

Over 25 years in Corporate America? Check. Experience navigating a C-suite career and mentoring client leaders for more than two decades? Check. Making the leap to entrepreneurship and designing a life that leaves room for travel, family, and what matters most? Check. 

I’ve taken the bold (and sometimes scary) moves needed to live my most extraordinary life, and I want the same for you too! 

More about me


"In a world where genuine connections are often overlooked, Michelle stands out as a beacon of authenticity. Her genuine dedication to my success and well-being has not only transformed my business but also enriched my life in countless ways.”

Janeen R. CEO,, Media Co.


"Michelle is an exceptional mentor and coach. She is able to pinpoint that friction inside of you, that block, that fear that is holding you back from reaching your full potential, and provide actionable solutions to help you achieve your goals. Michelle takes the lessons she has learned from her inspirational career to provide you with tools to succeed."

Patrick S,
 Founder & CEO, Marketing Firm


“Michelle is not only a fantastic coach, but a sounding board, a mentor, and a friend. She has helped me harness my strengths and authentic voice as a leader, while at the same time finding opportunities to guide me to step way outside my comfort zone and GROW. I am unquestionably a more effective and confident executive, thanks to her coaching and wise counsel.”

Brendan M.,
Senior Vice President


Let’s make sure the fit is right.

My coaching is for you if …

You’re willing to invest your time in personal development because you believe wholeheartedly in the reward – a more extraordinary life that you love waking up to! 

This isn’t the best fit if … 

You’re not committed to evolving, growing, and making positive changes in your life and just want to “wait it out” for a while longer.


If that’s a slow “Hmm…” or a quick head shake, then we need to talk. 

Let’s hop on a free, 30-minute call to discuss the more 
extraordinary life you’re meant to live. 

Does your life pass the 
“I’m exactly where I want to be!” test?