I’m Michelle Rios.

Wife. Mom. Coach. Speaker. Podcaster. Author. Traveller. 
Master Communicator. Connector. And More!

(Because who says you can’t have more than one superpower?) 

I’m also a woman on a mission to help you live your most extraordinary life. 

A life where … 

You wake up every morning knowing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be – doing exactly what you love doing. 

You’ve never felt more YOU – you’re finally owning what you want and living your most authentic, soul-fulfilling lifestyle.  

You’re in a state of ease, flow, and joy – where relationships feel richer and your mind, body, and soul are healthier. 

You’re making more money than ever – not through more grind, hustle, or stress, but through pure magnetization. 

What’s the secret to living your best life? 


 It’s NOT throwing more hours into your work.

 It’s NOT chasing more awards and accolades.

It’s NOT putting everything and everyone else first.

It’s NOT moving so fast that you forget to breathe.

I know this because I did all of the above for years – until it hit me that I wanted more from life.  

For so long, busyness was all I knew. For more than two decades, I’d been consumed with climbing the corporate ladder in communications, agency leadership, executive responsibilities, running an office, and managing massive, global clients and teams. 
I It wasn't until I took a step back that I realized I’d built my entire life around my demanding 24/7 career. It was taking a toll on my health, my family, and my sense of fulfillment, and success no longer felt like success. It felt hollow. 
So, I did the inner work, got clear on what I wanted, and reconnected with myself. I worked on removing limiting beliefs and claimed my power so that I could step into my most authentic self. I started leaning into joy... and that's when the magic ensued. 

But first, I needed to pause.  

Today, I live a very intentional, purpose-driven life. I'm passionate about my work; my health has never been better; I'm a money magnet; and I enjoy all the moments that matter with family and friends.
You can do the same. Let's talk.

My Core Values 


To be your truest self, you need to be honest with yourself. What do you really want from life? What truly sets your soul on fire? How do you want to show up each and every day? 


Leaning into joy might feel counter-intuitive, but it’s essential for creating an extraordinary life in business and beyond.


Before you can shine your light and make a lasting impact, you need to connect deeply with yourself and others. 

What are your core values?  Don't know? Don't worry; we'll figure it out together. 

Seeking mentorship or coaching support? 

I’ll provide a safe space for you to open up and gain clarity around your core values, beliefs, and desires. 

If you’re a high-achieving professional looking to uplevel your career or climb the corporate ladder in a more balanced way (without sacrificing your health and happiness), you’ve read my story. You know I’ve got you! 

Or, maybe you’re an entrepreneur looking to do big, bold things – like write a book, start a podcast, or become the go-to expert in your field. Not only have I been mentoring ambitious individuals for more than two decades, but I launched my (now) globally-ranked podcast just one month into entrepreneurship. And yep, I’m already writing a book. So if you’re seeking a mentor with grit, soul, and fire, you’re in the right hands. 

Simply want to live a richer, more fulfilling life? I feel you! It’s not just about more titles on your LinkedIn bio or more zeroes in your checking account. I’ll help you go from existing on autopilot to living with more passion, purpose, and joy. 

Bottom line: I’ll meet you where you’re at. Just say the word and your reinvention can begin.

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My official bio:

Michelle Rios is a sought-after speaker, soon-to-be author, and the highly-acclaimed host of one of the fastest-growing, global personal development podcasts – Live Your Extraordinary Life. Her relentless pursuit of her own extraordinary life helped her overcome the adversity, challenges, and financial struggle of her humble beginnings growing up as the eldest daughter of teenage parents in rural America, and propelled her to become an extraordinary, self-made success. Today, Michelle is a respected business leader and soulful entrepreneur. Her story inspires audiences around the world.

Now, Michelle is inspiring others to step into their authenticity and become what they were always meant to be – the most extraordinary versions of themselves in life and business. She has coached CEOs and individuals alike to optimize their performance, enhance audience engagement, and live their best lives. 

When not hosting or making guest appearances on podcasts, Michelle is either traveling with family and friends to experience new places around the world, or enjoying time at home in Washington, DC with her husband of nearly 20 years, their teenage son, and their two Great Pyrenees.

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Your soul-fulfilling, high-performance life awaits. 

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