Hi, I'm Michelle Rios, host of the Live Your Extraordinary Life podcast. This podcast is built on the premise that life is meant to be joyful, but far too often we settle for less. If you've ever thought that something is missing from your life; that you were meant for more; or you simply want to experience more joy in the every day, than this podcast is for you.I'm a wife, mother, business leader and motivational speaker, but at my core, I'm a small town girl from humble beginnings who knew she was meant for more. And through the grace of God, I've beat the odds, overcome adversity, and experienced tremendous success. I am now married to the man of my dreams, have a beautiful family, travel the world, and enjoy an incredible community of friends that spans the globe. Life isn't just good, it's extraordinary! And, it just keeps getting better. Each week, I'll bring you captivating personal stories, transformative life lessons, and juicy conversations on living life to the full. With the hope to inspire you to create a life you love - on your terms - with authenticity, purpose, and connection. Together, we'll explore what it means to live an extraordinary life; the things that hold us back; and the steps we all can take to start living our best lives. So come along for the journey. It's never too late to get started, and the world needs your light.

Live Your Extraordinary Life With Michelle Rios

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“I love listening to this podcast. Michelle and her guests make me really think about what it is I really want in life. This show gives me a much-needed boost.” 

A. Taylor

Our listeners have spoken: 

“Michelle is so smart and savvy. She’ll inspire you to reach for the life you should be living. I’m so glad I found her podcast.”


Our listeners have spoken: 

“Michelle Rios has designed a podcast worth tuning in for. She has reframed how we approach our daily lives and to embrace those things that help us LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!! These are raw, energizing, challenging, and liberating conversations."

J. Corrigan

Our listeners have spoken: 

“I can see why Michelle is a motivational speaker. She is so inspiring and uplifting. When I listen to Michelle’s episodes, I feel empowered to live my best life. This is a must for your podcast list.”

K. Driscoll

Our listeners have spoken: 

“Inspired and full of hope is how I feel listening to this podcast.”

C. Alan Lee

Our listeners have spoken: 

“Michelle is a great interviewer and storyteller. She unearths surprising moments from her guests, has great stories, and plenty of insights to share. I find myself wanting to binge listen to several at a time.”

M. Lightner

Our listeners have spoken: 

"Michelle Rios is a dynamic host that knows exactly what the audience wants to know. She asks thought provoking questions that support the listeners in living more intentional lives. A must listen to show."

R. Riekstins

Our listeners have spoken: 

"Michelle is brilliant! She has YOU, her audience, as her top priority and is asking the questions that she knows will help you in your journey? Her life experience and wisdom shines through in each and every interview as she eloquently guides the conversation, extracting the soundbites that will inspire, motivate, and educate. I adore her as a person and am so grateful to have found this podcast!"

K. Kuhl

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