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January 2023


Life is meant to be joyful.

If you feel like you’re in an endless, uninspired loop of WORK, EAT, SLEEP or that you’re merely surviving vs. thriving, then reach for those headphones, friend.  

The Live Your Extraordinary Life podcast is just what you need to bust out of that rut and up your game.

No more playing small or feeling like your life is passing you by. Big moves are in your future and now is the perfect time to unapologetically live your best life. 

It’s not too late and zero permission slips are required. 

Listen in for …

Personal insights from my 25 years in corporate and executive leadership – and beyond.

Expert interviews with thought leaders, change makers, and high achievers.

Honest, relatable, and sometimes juicy takes on navigating life and business. 

Inspiring stories to help you think differently, reinvent yourself, and do “the thing” despite your fears.

Clear next steps for creating your most extraordinary and limitless life.

Our listeners have spoken: 

“If you are looking for insights to live your own extraordinary life, this podcast is a must listen!” 

M. LeCerte

Our listeners have spoken: 

“I can’t praise this podcast and Michelle Rios enough. If you want to go on an exceptional journey with lots of practical takeaways, this is the podcast to listen to. Extraordinary for sure.”

T. Yoffe

Our listeners have spoken: 

“Love Michelle’s authentic approach to get to the bottom of important issues. Every episode is thought provoking and well worth your time! Thank you, Michelle.” 

Greg R.

Our listeners have spoken: 

“Michelle is an eloquent podcaster and interviewer. I find these episodes to really be based deeply in experience and example. I love the ease and grace of following the breadcrumbs to a new truth. At the end of the day, we learn best by people being our mirrors. I find so much REFLECTION and connection in this podcast. Thank you, Michelle, for what you do!"


Our listeners have spoken: 

“Michelle is so inspiring in a way that is warm and approachable. I also love the questions she asks because they motivate her guests to reveal such golden nuggets of insight.”

M. Bender

Our listeners have spoken: 

“Dynamic, thoughtful, intelligent conversations about living life to the fullest. This show is a game changer.”

N. Judy

Our listeners have spoken: 

"I never miss a snow. A must listen."

K. Siegel

Our listeners have spoken: 

"I am an avid podcast listener, specifically in the personal development space. Michelle does an incredible job" of bringing high character, high impact guests onto her show and asks questions in a way that really highlights their ability to positively influence us as listeners. I cannot recommend the Live Your Extraordinary Life podcast enough!"

K. Siegel

Our listeners have spoken: 

"Michelle consistently brings on humans that inspire a deep dive into living a more fulfilling lie. Always inspiring. Always professional. Always impactful." 

P. Januszewski


Oh, hey! I’m Michelle.

I built this podcast on the premise that life is meant to be extraordinary, but far too often we settle for less. We get stuck in old patterns and on autopilot. We lose sight of who we are and what we’re capable of — and we drown ourselves in busyness. We tell ourselves that we’re just too busy, but the hard truth is we’re not sure we’re worthy or that we have what it takes to go after what we want. So, we live life by default. I get it. I’ve been there myself. But at some point, you will get to the end of your life and reflect on whether or not you've lived a good life. I want you to be able to say, without hesitation, "Yes, it was extraordinary."

I'm a coach, motivational speaker, and author, but at my core, I'm a small-town girl from very humble beginnings who knew she was meant for more. I’ve overcome adversity, beat the odds, and experienced tremendous success. I’ve also walked through some real character-testing, dark times. 

My own journey is the result of a life-long commitment to personal development and growth. Today, I have a beautiful family and soul-fulfilling work, travel the world, and enjoy an incredible community of friends that spans the globe. Life isn't just good, it's extraordinary! And, it just keeps getting better. I feel more vibrant and alive today than ever before — and I want the same for you. 

My hope is that this podcast will provide you with the inspiration and the tools to discover your most authentic self and find the courage to live an extraordinary life — one that sets your souls on fire. 


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